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nipple n : the small projection of a mammary gland [syn: mammilla, mamilla, pap, teat, tit]

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  • /ˈnɪp(ə)l/
  • /'nIp(@)l/


  1. The projection of a mammary gland from which, on female mammals, milk is secreted.
  2. An artificial nipple (definition 1) used for bottle-feeding infants.
  3. A mechanical device through which liquids can be passed in a regulated manner.
  4. A short tube threaded at both ends, used as a connector.
    Turn the nipples on to the bicycle spokes only one turn, for each spoke on the new wheel all the way around until they are all snug, then check alignment.
  5. In the context of "jargon": Any small physical protrusion, such as the lumps on the F and J keys on American keyboards.
  6. Any small physical protrusion on an automotive, a machine part or any other part that fits into a groove on another part.



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  • Stephen Jay Gould, "Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples", in Adam's Navel and Other Essays, London: Penguin, 1995.
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adjutage, bag, boobs, bosom, breast, breasts, brisket, bust, catheter, chest, crop, drainpipe, dug, efflux tube, fire hose, flue pipe, funnel, garden hose, gas pipe, hose, hosepipe, knockers, mama, mamelon, mamelonation, mammary gland, mammilla, mammillation, nenes, organ pipe, pap, papilla, pigeon breast, pipe, pipeline, pipette, piping, reed, reed pipe, siamese, siamese connection, siphon, snorkel, soil pipe, standpipe, steam pipe, stem, straw, tap, teat, thorax, tit, tits, titties, titty, tube, tubing, tubulation, tubule, tubulet, tubulure, udder, waste pipe, water pipe
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